Rhyder McClure, 1970

Most of the great San Francisco Good Times cover photos are from Robert Altman, but this one is from Rhyder McClure (1970). A Google search turned up his New York Times obituary from 2014:

“In his seventy-one years, Rhyder lived many lives. Throughout his varied career, he was a freelance photographer for the Associated Press (his photos of the 1969 People’s Park Riots are in the Library of Congress); an inventor (in 1973 The New York Times dubbed him a “latter-day Leonardo da Vinci”); a food columnist (his articles ran in the St. Petersburg Times, the LA Times, and the Washington Post); an author (he published over thirty books on computer processing); a businessman (he founded the New York Nanny Cam Company); and a collector (his vintage BMW motorcycles often won “Best in Show”). An avid traveler, Rhyder lived in and visited countries across the globe, including Spain, Morocco, and Fiji, but he was most at home in New York City, where he lived for over 35 years, primarily in Greenwich Village.” 🙏