Brad Johannsen October Vibes

Late October vibes from Brad Johannsen’s Occupied Spaces book, 1977. An anonymous Amazon review is the closest thing we have to a biography:

“I knew Brad during his most artistically productive period. He lived in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with the family of his artistic promoter, Howard Bloom. Brad arrived in New York around 1968, at about 19 years old, an already highly developed and gifted artist. I know nothing of his artistic training or background, although I know he was raised in Connecticut. He was tall with a large, blond afro. I knew psychedelic drugs fired his prolific imagination. I sense that he used the geometrically reconfigured reality of his drug experiences to create the unusual environments found in his work. If you look carefully at the faces he painted, It’s obvious he could have easily been a successful portrait artist. But that possibility apparently didn’t interest him. Brad was active mainly during the seventies, as far as I know. He died in his sixties around 2015.”