Far Out Company started as a fun way to share the books and posters that filled my old apartment on the corner of Haight and Ashbury with Instagram, and trade with like-minded collectors.

It’s gradually evolving into something more interesting. I’m not exactly sure what yet but it looks like it will involve publishing. Sign up to be in the loop.

My name is Sean Flannagan and I’m a lifelong collector of modern pre-internet underground ephemera. 

I like material from the 1970s in particular: underground comix, the Whole Earth Catalog and everything associated with it, psychedelic artwork, blacklight posters, concert handbills, cult pamphlets, utopian do-it-yourself manuals, novelty head shop gear and all things hippie modernism.

I’m just endlessly inspired by this stuff and enjoy turning other people onto it.

You can reach me at hello@faroutcompany.com.